"Can it embroider?"

Almost anything can be embroidered! Denim is my favourite medium, but canvas, cotton, polyesters work great too. I steer away from embroidering t-shirts and anything lightweight and stretchy because they don't hold up well. If I can't embroider an item, theres always the option of making a patch. 

Cost of custom embroidery

The price of a project depends on the complexity and size of a design. To receive a quote, head to the contact page and tell me what you're looking for, be as descriptive as you can ( Size, colours, photos, awful hand drawn sketches on napkins - it all helps ) 


Taking care of your embroidery

The better you treat your embroidered items, the longer they will last. I suggest never putting them in the washing machine. If you absolutely need to, wash on a delicate cycle and tie the item in a wash bag or pillow case. 

If you need an item dry cleaned, ask them to avoid the embroidered area. 




small batch patch

El Patcha is a modest operation, I keep my patch runs on the small side. Small size production has a special feel to me, when there is only 5-10 of a handmade item available, I feel lucky to have one. 

 I will take larger orders, by all means, ask! When I'm presented with a challenge or an interesting project I'm always happy to do it if I can.


Custom Embroidery

whether you're looking for a custom item made just for you, or you'd like a specific design replicated, I'm your gal. I enjoy creating a design as much as I love to embroider it. 



I do not accept returns/refunds or exchanges on custom items. I try my best to communicate through out the custom process, and I will always have you approve the final design unless specified otherwise by the client. 

If you have purchased an item from my online store and you are not happy with it, you may return it within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund, minus the cost of shipping and shop fees. Canada post can be quite slow, so I suggest reaching out via email if you plan to return something, so I know its on the way. 

* Workshop Cancelation : Should you need to cancel you will receive %75 of your money back up to 2 weeks before the scheduled workshop. If you cannot attend and the cancelation time has passed, you are welcome to send a friend in your place :)